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Experience Audio Video is commited to the ultimate home audio experience. We create acoustic spaces of unparalleled clarity and richness of sound. We believe in a meaningful listening experience and find these dedicated listening spaces to be a wonderful way to slow down and listen to music with intention.

Our audio systems are versatile and work great for many different rooms. We install audio systems for dedicated home theaters, distributed whole home audio systems that let you listen to music from any room in your home as well as outdoor audio systems that bring great quality audio to patios, pools and backyards.


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Whether you are looking for a complete home theater audio system or just a soundbar for your new TV, Experience Audio Video has the equipment you want. Just give us a call and let us know what you are interested in and we can get you great prices on the best audio electronics.

Looking for something a bit more special for the. We have audiophile grade speakers, amplifiers and acoustic treatment to create a pristine listening experience.

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Listening Rooms by Experience Audio Video


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Slow Down and Listen

Our high end two channel audio systems are designed for the true music afficianado.

Since the advent of streaming music services and the internet I believe many people listen to music while doing other things. This makes it more of a background listening activity.

These spaces, however, are designed for those who enjoy a more intentional listening experience. Especially well suited for vinyl records, which tend to make the listening more enganged, reading the liner notes and flipping from side A to side B. Our high fidelity speakers are equally well suited for digital music playback as well.

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