Home Networking

We provide home networking solutions for homeowners who want reliability and ease of use in a home network system without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty of the room.

This is why we encourage our clients to consider hard-wired systems for their home internet. A hard-wired system will eliminate the need for wireless routers and mesh networks, which often perform poorly and inconsistently. 

These systems have a centrally-located equipment closet with a router. We run ethernet cables throughout your attic and install ethernet jacks exactly where they are needed in your home. They can be installed behind televesions for fast and consistent streaming speeds and in your home office for the reliable connection you need for your work-from-home environment.


The Best Home Network Systems

The best home network system is one that is reliable and works behind-the-scenes. Our systems eliminate the need for wireless routers and provide secure and reliable connection exactly where you need it throughout your home.

If you are concerned about EMF Radiation  in your home a hard-wired system is what you are looking for.

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Home Office Design and Installation

Create the perfect home office with the networking and home-wiring expertise of Experience Audio Video. 

Work from home with the confidence to know your connection will alway be there when it matters most.


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