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Experience Audio Video offers a comprehensive home theater and media room design and installation service. These rooms are singular in purpose. They are built to fully immerse the host and their guests in an all encompassing cinematic experience! We work with our clients to carefully select the best equipment to suit your needs and your room. The projector, screen, TV, speakers, surround sound receiver, etc that we install will be the best fit for your room and will provide years of relaxation and entertainment.

The Elements of a Great Home Theater

1. The Picture

For anyone that wants a true theater experience in their home we recommend a projector and screen installation. We use top quality screens from Screen Innovations and projectors from JVC and other quality manufacturers. 4k and 8k projectors are now available! The picture quality available today is nothing less than spectacular.

2. The Sound

Selecting the proper speaker packages is very important to the overall experience of your home theater. There are many different types of speakers available and we will help you in deciding on a package that would be best for your room. The next step in great sound is proper speaker placement and calibration. When done correctly the sound will surround you, allowing you to feel the intensity of every explosion or car chase, hear every soft word spoken and bring every movie soundtrack to life.

3. The Comfort

It’s all about comfort! Right? Remember we are creating a home theater environment for comfort, relaxation and fun. Of course, you want to be able to relax while watching a movie or sporting event. It so important to install the screen at an optimal height relation to the available seating. For most retrofit home theater installations, our clients choose to use the existing furniture in the room, but if replicating the theater-experience as closely as possible is appealing to you, there is a wide selection of home theater furnishing that are incredibly functional and add style and authenticity to your home theater or media room.

4. User Experience

Of course when you settle in to enjoy a movie or watch the game in your media room you don’t want to fuss with confusing remote controls or equipment. That is why we specialize in universal remote controls and a seamless user experience. Let Experience Audio Video take the stress out of technology so you can spend more time enjoying a great experience with family and friends.

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