With so many options for audio entertainment, why not bring the party outside? Outdoor speakers are resistant to the weather and project sound long distances, making them the perfect addition to any backyard!

Here at Experience Audio Video, we prioritize custom installations, allowing the customer to pick and choose the placement of each speaker. With so many options, it can be hard to decide on what will fit your backyard best. Whether for the terrace, patio, or swimming area, there are multiple different options.

Outdoor in-wall and in-ceiling speakers

Built to handle changes in humidity and potential for corrosion, these speakers come with a removable grill that can be painted to match the wall or ceiling they will be mounted on. These can be perfect for roofed patios, indoor pools, or even outdoor kitchens. Though they are weather resistant, we suggest keeping them under a roof to prevent them getting directly rained on. All wiring will be run through the respective wall or ceiling and will be connected to a central location, allowing you to connect to them via a smartphone

Garden Speakers

With the highest protection rating for outdoor speakers, garden speakers can be used along paths or hidden within vegetation. Many are built into a more discreet case that mimics the look of real rocks.

Each of the speakers, regardless of type, would be wired back to a central system that can be connected to via Bluetooth through a smartphone. All the cables are out of sight and out of mind, leaving discreet speakers and a large sound!



Subwoofers are a bit trickier to set up outside due to the low frequencies being absorbed by the ground, and without walls they do not resonate as well. They are also bigger and a bit harder to hide. Because of this, many companies choose to also fit the subwoofers in rock-like cases. Others opt to outright bury the subwoofer, allowing it to be even more discreet.


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